A simple Experimental Nintendo Switch Emulator
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What is RyujiNX?

It is a Nintendo Switch Emulator programmed in C#; unlike most emulators that are created with C++ or C.
This emulator aims to offer good performance, a friendly interface, and consistent builds.
RyujiNX is created by user over at the GBAtemp forums.
This emulator is also available on GitHub, and is licensed under the "Unlicensed" license.

Note: This emulator is not capable (as of now) of running Commercial Nintendo Switch games!
If you somehow find a source claiming that the Emulator is capable, and it has not been officially confirmed by us;
Please consider reporting it via our Discord server.

Please keep in mind; these builds are from AppVeyor and are considered unstable!

Where can I grab it?

As of right now, the emulator has no stable builds; although, you may follow the build guide by clicking the "Build" menu option above. Or you may download the latest pre-compiled build (above.)

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How can I Contribute?

Please visit the contributing tab for more information.


RyujiNX currently doesn't work well with games as of now. Much like 'yuzu,' it only supports homebrew at the moment.


RyujiNX is currently only available for Windows. Although, support for Linux, and macOS is there; but it may be more difficult to compile it.


Join the RyujiNX Discord server; you can get help, as well as converse with fellow users and developers.
Join here

Why the name?

The name RyujiNX is based on the name "Ryujin." In other words, a name for a Mythical (Sea-God) Dragon. More information can be found here.

Our Team

Our developers: gdkchan (Project lead), Ac_K (Secondary Developer), Mary (Third Developer and helper), Dr.Hacknik (Web designer, and Discord maintainer), Hexagon12 and Simply Austin (For helping spread the news, and moderate our server); and thanks to the following users: Natehaxx, Stary, and Emulator_Team.